Commcise RP

Commcise RP is a cloud-based Commission Management solution built to meet the needs of Independent Research Providers.

It acts as a link between investment managers and research providers, allowing research to be distributed and paid for.

Overview of product benefits

Commcise has been developed as an entirely new application and all modules are designed to work together; as an example, the broker voting module and the broker events and research module combine to allow voters to provide ratings and feedback, explaining the vote and allowing a value to be assigned.

Overview of product features
Research Provider Directory

Providers will be able to add to a directory of research available to investment managers through the system

Research Events

Providers can upload research to the system

Invoice Management

Invoices can be added and tracked to the point of payment, bringing clarity around paying parties etc


Press Releases


Commcise publishes MIFID II ESMA Consultation Paper Summary

Commcise has reviewed every MIFID II ESMA Consultation Paper response and summarised the sentiment of each respondent who answered more

Commcise wins Newcomer / Innovator of the Year Award

Commcise is proud to announce that is has won a prestigious Newcomer / Innovator of the Year award at more
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