Commcise, a Euronext company, offers independent, cloud-based, fully-integrated commission management and research valuation solutions to the buy-side, sell-side and research providers through its COMMCISEBUY, COMMCISESELL and COMMCISECS product suite.

COMMCISEBUY, our award-winning platform, offers automated trade reconciliation, algorithmic rules engine, invoice management, research evaluation / broker vote, consumption tracking (including an automated research valuation engine), commission budgeting, contract management, research accounting and reporting in a single fully-audited solution.

Built on the same technology stack as our award-winning buy-side platform, COMMCISESELL is a cloud-based commission management platform for the sell-side. By providing a fully-audited and controlled platform that includes our industry-leading algorithmic rules engine, invoice management, research accounting and reporting in addition to white-labelled portal, COMMCISESELL allows brokers, research providers, custodians, fund accountants to manage commissions in any level of granularity as demanded by their customers.

The third Commcise product in the stack is COMMCISECS, which provides research providers with a mechanism to supply cleansed research interaction data in any format to their buy-side clients.  COMMCISECS also helps research providers assess the profitability of clients by pricing, valuing and managing payments for contracted and a la carte research services to the buy-side using customised rate cards.

Commcise was founded by buy side industry professionals, with founding members including the partners of a leading Investment Technology consulting firm who have in-depth experience of implementing complex global technology solutions for asset management firms. With over 600 buy-side and sell-side clients globally, Commcise’s clients include some of the largest institutional asset managers, hedge funds, brokers and research providers in the world.

Commcise is majority owned by Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, covering Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the UK.

Commcise was founded by buy side industry professionals – people who understand the issues and are sympathetic to the needs of the buy side.

Our founding members include the partners of a leading buy-side Investment Technology consulting firm with experience of implementing complex technology solutions for over 40 top tier Asset Management firms globally.

Our Team
Darran Carlisle

Darran has over 20 years experience of building technology solutions for the financial industry.

Paul Charie
Global Head of Sales

Paul Charie joined Commcise in January 2016 as Global Head of Sales. Paul has over 20 years experience of selling software solutions into the financial services industry

Glenn Dicken
Product Manager

Glenn has over 15 years experience of working within and consulting for international buy- and sell-side institutions.

Amrish Ganatra

Amrish has over 15 years experience of helping buy-side firms implement complex technology solutions.

Allan Goldstein
Managing Director - Head of Americas

Allan joined Commcise in June 2020 having come from Trade Informatics where he served as COO for 12 years. Allan also has over 20 years experience with trading, trading technology and compliance.

James Griffiths
Global Head of Professional Services

James joined Commcise in November 2014 from Deloitte where he was a Senior Consultant in their Financial Services practice.

Richard Hooke
Director of Product Strategy

Richard joined Commcise in June 2019. Richard joins from Fidessa where he was Buy-side Product Director for over 10 years.

Chirag Khatter
Global Head of Support

Chirag joined Commcise in November 2016 as Global Head of Support. Chirag has over 10 years experience of supporting global financial services clients.

Naresh Naidoo

Naresh has over 12 years experience of helping buy-side firms implement enterprise level technology solutions and organisational change.

Jonathan Pearson
Head of Professional Services - North America

Jonathan joined Commcise in February 2018. Previously, Jonathan was a Senior Adviser to the government of the United Kingdom, specialising in change management and corporate reform.

Kyle Rogge
Head of Sales - North America

Kyle Rogge joined Commcise at the end of 2015 as Director of US Sales. Kyle previously spent 8 years as part of the AllianceBernstein group working in a selection of Sales roles within the buy-side and sell-side business units.

Doina Sandor
Senior Consultant

Doina joined Commcise in July 2017, having previously held various strategic and financial advisory roles for the UK Government, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters.

Press Releases

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