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Interactions are the new currency of research providers

A cloud-based platform to help research providers meet their Client Strategy objectives of offering cost-effective, high-quality services to the buy-side.

Brings together buy-sides, sell-sides and research providers within a secure globally-available portal.

Monetise every interaction with a data quality engine, secure ingestion, analysis and distribution with CRM and aggregator connectivity.

Product Benefits

Automated data checks and workflow deliver consistent, reviewed, valued and approved interactions

Designed to meet the needs of research providers by an unconflicted vendor.

Provides an end-to-end audit trail, including output for all key business stakeholders.

Rapid deployment and reduced Total Cost of Ownership – no hardware or upgrade costs

Supports the process with any number of asset manager relationships.

Addresses review, valuation, publishing and profitability analysis functions.

Fast, secure development, delivered through high-quality user interface.

Product Benefits

Load interactions from multiple systems via automated APIs and custom loaders.
Intelligent merge algorithms on data load.
Full audit trail on every action taken on an interaction.
Ability to pull cleansed data via API

Configurable interaction ownership and assignment
Audited process with user approval levels.
Support for approval by mobile device.
Email notification of pending approvals

Record fixed and flexible commercial agreements
with asset managers.
Manage entitlement to research products.
Report against consumer entitlements.
Feed into invoicing processes

Record explicit revenue from asset managers capturing
receipts from invoices, CSA, RPA and hard dollar.
Record implicit revenue from asset managers through
Record explicit and implicit costs per asset manager
(e.g. FIX connection, aggregation fees, exchange fees, etc).
Integration with accounting systems

Customisable reporting of interaction data by asset
manager, interaction type, research provider team,
analyst etc.
Client pack for quarterly review meetings.
Broker pack analysis – breakdown by analysts.
Resource utilisation timeline.
Peer group analysis and client comparison

Editing of interactions.
Rules-based suggestion of potential merge candidates.
Extensible client-specific data quality checks.
Manage client-specific interaction deadlines.
Interaction alerting of late submissions.
Automated receipt of rejections from API-enabled third
party buy-side solutions.
Upload rejections from the buy-side

Record asset manager budgets by period.
Track consumption against budgets.
Track revenue against budgets.
Track trading revenue against budgets.
Email alerts when client budgets being approached

Manage multiple time-bound asset manager specific
rate cards (internal, external, cost, etc).
Price interactions according to any combination of
interaction attributes.
What-if capability to re-run pricing retrospectively

Analysis of revenue vs. budget vs. consumption vs. cost.
Customisable views driven on all key data points – asset
manager tiering, interaction types, desks, regions etc.
Ranking of asset managers based on customisable criteria.
Interaction rejection analysis and pricing