Commcise Sell

CommciseSELL software suite is an integrated commission management, service pricing and client profitability tool designed to meet the specific needs of brokers

It allows all buy-side customers to be managed in a single platform.

Overview of product benefits
Business efficiencies

Supports MiFID II compliance and running an in-house RPA.  Handles all CSA/RCA and non-CSA asset management clients.

Increased transparency

All transactions available on-line including payments to research providers and RPA sweeping.

Automation and scalability

Integrates with brokers payment systems and automates all instructions for cash flows.  Transmits trade and cleansed interaction data from the distribution hub.  Quicker process – Centralised data, calculations and workflow accelerate the end-to-end process and reduce effort expended.


Client portal delivers all transaction and analysis data on-line to asset management clients.

Fully-integrated by design

Addresses the whole CSA lifecycle, eliminating manual processes and producing a single audit trail.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Software as a Service means no hardware or upgrade overheads. Rapid implementation reduces time-to-market and costs.

Fully audited solution

Provides end-to-end audit trail, including all key business stakeholders

Overview of product features
Rule Engine

The Rule Engine provides a means to split the commission on a trade into execution and research components


Trade reconciliation is carried out automatically by a matching and reconciliation engine; exceptions are reported and interaction between both parties within the system is possible to resolve any breaks

Invoice Management

Easy creation and authorisation workflow support with multi-role approval of invoices for third party research provider payments.  API integration to back office systems.

Payment, sweeping and commission management

Automatic sweeping of accrued funds to chosen RPA(s) for MiFID II-regulated asset managers.  Best-fit invoice payment calculation.  Allows optimisation of virtual accounting balances.

Consumption tracking and pricing

Customisable rate card per asset manager to price service via the engine.  Upload CRM interactions output in any format.  Interaction data cleansing and validation.
What-if capability to model various pricing scenarios

Revenue capture

Invoice production and tracking.  Capture of multiple methods of payment: fixed price invoices, cheques, accrual retention instructions post-vote.  Aggregation of payments by asset manager.

Profitability analysis

Comparative analysis of asset manager client revenues vs. service pricing.  Data presented in multiple ways, e.g. by manager, interaction type, period, region, analyst etc.

Client portal and reporting

Secure, globally-available web-based platform. Easy-to-use portal access provides full transparency.  Real-time commission reporting on branded web portal with drill down reports by asset manager, investment team, service type and more.

Data distribution

Unbundled trade data transmitted to aggregators.  Cleansed interaction data transmitted to asset managers.

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