Fintech Focus TV

This week, Toby welcomes back the brilliant Amrish Ganatra, CEO of Commcise, along with Chirag Khatter, CEO of Euronext Solutions.

The pair work seamlessly together across the globe leading a talented group of tech professionals who provide solutions to asset managers, brokers and research providers.

 Amrish states:

We have this firm belief that we are who we are, we are successful at what we do, because of the team that we’ve built. It’s 100% down to the people in the company that have helped us on this journey.

Amrish goes into more detail about his ideas of a people-centric culture being key to global growth and that talent can be found anywhere. Chirag gives his insights into what makes a good leader and a good CEO, stating empathy plays a huge part in inspiring others to be their best. In this discussion, it’s clear that the pair have a lot of respect for one another’s contribution to the company’s culture and their passion to drive employee growth is evident.

The video of the full discussion can be viewed here.